We are an Indie Studio, putting creativity at the center of every project. Our main focus at the moment is on the game ‘In Transit’, click through to the micro-site below

In Transit

James Redler

I think of myself as a very creative individual, but in my spare time I do have a few hobbies. I enjoy working on computers, playing video games and have a keen interest in classical music. I am a determined individual who is always open to new ideas, approaches and technologies within the industry.

Ethan Bruins

I am currently studying for my BSc in Computer Games Software Development at Southampton Solent University. In my spare time, I tend to be either playing or making games. I also make a racket playing guitar

Paul Hanlon

I am a programmer currently studying at Southampton Solent University. I am currently focusing on becoming a better games programmer. I also enjoy creating games that I want to play.

Julian Bath

I’m a second year Computer Games (Software Development) student at Southampton Solent. My main interests include: playing games, making games and making websites with React.js. I love to play around with many technologies to see what’s possible and generally to learn new things, so I spend plenty of time on YouTube watching educational content. My main pet peeve is bad UX.

Art To Brag About

Our team includes an overpowered artist, who skills are unbeknownst to the lesser man. His name, is one that should only be spoken when absolutely needed.

Personal Emails

We aren’t automated! Every email received is read over by a human (or two!). We then put a personal touch on each of our replies!

Concepting Quickly

Our team can concept ideas quickly, to give you an idea of what the game would look and feel like.

Loaded With Power

We use top of the range computers for all projects, this reduces the build times on our games significantly, which helps you play the games quicker.